Memorable Travelling Experience With Luxury Executive Cars

Memorable Travelling Experience With Luxury Executive Cars

Welcome to the world of service experience, which is a subunit of customer experience. This has lately been proved to be a highly appreciated and of immense vitality for any company as showcased by recent surveys.

Moreover, customer experience is one such aspect of the company that works for all, irrespective of the size of the company.

This is because product or service experience is what a customer remembers about the service throughout the lifetime.

As mentioned above, customer service has become so important over the recent period of time, various firms of analysts are regularly publishing the indices.

From the experience point of view, below mentioned are the various dimensions that a cab service company should consider in order to give their customers a memorable travelling experience in a short span of time.

  1. Know your Client’s Travel Needs

What is the basic functional human need that the service is intended to meet? This is one basic question that every service providing company must be aware of.

In order to offer a perfect travel experience to the rider, the driver should understand the importance of catering to the interests of the rider. It is quite certain, that if a driver is aware of the needs of the rider, then he may be able to offer the service at its best.

For example, if the rider is about to catch a flight and is just at the verge of missing it. Then, in that case, the rider should understand the need of the customer and help him reach the airport in time, by taking up the shortest ways to the airport, provided he drives in compliance with the safety rules and laws.

Moreover, it is equally important for the driver to read the customer’s mind and accordingly plan the journey. This is how the functional value of any service provided, is created.

  1. Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Offering a first-class service is the featured attraction of any service providing company. Therefore, as a cab service company, one should consider offering transparency to their customers.

Clients do not like waiting, so in order to avoid such goof-ups, you should keep your client well-informed of the driver’s information as well in what time he /she is supposed to reach the client for the pickup.

It is essential to make them feel special, right from the moment when they contact you. This begins with addressing all communications with the aim of delivering superb customer service.


  1. Make it Exclusive

As a matter of fact, nobody likes unattractive cars irrespective of their average and speed. Although beauty is a matter of taste, yet your cars should be pleasant to see, hear and ride in.

This further takes us to the next important aspect of the best-offered service. Your cars should be well in shape, without any wear or tear. It is also believed that an aroma can evoke a better experience.

Thus, it should always smell good and fresh. Apart from that, it should be properly upholstered and carpeted, so as to lend your clients a better view.

Subsequently, your car should be the one that appeals to the client’s senses. Making your customers feel the exclusivity, will surely give them a trip which they can go and brag about, making it certain that they will surely take your service again.

  1. Prioritize Customer’s Safety

The cab service companies who prioritize their customers’ safety above all, definitely help their customers have a memorable travelling experience. Make sure that all your current drivers, as well as the prospective drivers, should be scanned thoroughly for any character or criminal records.

The company should run a background check that dates back to at least seven years. It should include a search of multi-state criminal database, motor vehicle records and also draw a review from the National Sex Offenders Database.

The drivers should undergo a thorough driving skill test, so as to ensure the safety of the riders. Furthermore, the driver should also be trained with all the techniques to adopt in case of emergency. He should also be aware of how to assist the client with first aid in case of a medical emergency.

Why Luxury Executive Cars?

We at Luxury Executive Cars, have been serving the people for quite a time now. Our experience with our clients has helped us emerge as one of the best taxi services in the country.

We have and will always be striving with the same zeal to draw maximum customer satisfaction. However, our customers have too provided us with a number of feedbacks, displaying how memorable travelling experience they had while availing our services.

All the above-mentioned factors are mandatory to be considered by every taxi service company, in order to make their clients have the best trip for their lifetime.

Not only for others, but we too have been taking these aspects into consideration to work out better on our services and dropping our clients with a happy and contented face always.

Wish you a happy and safe trip with Luxury Executive Cars!!

Memorable Travelling Experience With Luxury Executive Cars

Unbeatable Prices For Your Ride With Luxury Executive Cars

Are you looking for a quick, easy, well-priced and hassle-free way to get from Windsor Airport  to your preferred destination? Taking a Luxury Executive Cars for your transfer from Windsor is by far the best option.

Once you’ve made your way through baggage claim, you’ll see your driver waiting for you just outside of the arrivals hall. You won’t be able to miss him as he’ll be holding a sign with your name on it. Worried about your flight being delayed? Your driver will always be waiting when you land as they receive live updates on your plane’s landing time.

While you enjoy your the taxi ride into the city centre, your driver will answer all your questions and share with you the top places to see while in Windsor and the area. With Luxury Executive Cars taking care of all your in-destination travel needs, all you need to do is sit back and relax as we take you directly to your destination.

An airport transfer made for groups

We understand that having a transport provider that meets your group’s needs is super important. That’s why at Welcome Pickups, we have different sized vehicles to suit every group size. If you have up to 4 people in your party, you can enjoy a ride in one of our stylish sedans. On the other hand, if your group has up to 8 people, you will all fit comfortably in one of our spacious minivans.

“Communications were great, website was awesome to change time when flights changed, and our drivers were super polite and shared all sorts of interesting information as we drove. Highly recommended.” –  a customer said.

No need to wait! Book your ride with us immediately!



Best Things To Do In Windsor

Best Things To Do In Windsor

If you need a taxi transport to drive you around Windsor, Luxury Executive Cars are the best and the cheapest option!

A ramble in Windsor Great Park and a day out at Legoland are all part of our list of best things to do in Windsor

The Berkshire town that shares a name with the British monarchy is steeped in royal history, centred around the castle which is one of the Queen’s official residences and offers a variety of things to do. In Windsor, what that all means is that it’s inevitably a tourist magnet but this is one of the places worth stopping off at if you’re taking in London’s best attractions and restaurants too. A ramble in Windsor Great Park will invigorate and inspire you, and if you have kids in tow, a day out at Legoland is hard to beat. Make a pit stop at one of Windsor’s great restaurants and, if you’re up for more history, stroll across the Thames footbridge to Eton, then scuttle back again for afternoon tea with a view. It’s all frightfully English.

Windsor Castle

What is it? The Queen’s weekend gaff and the venue for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding. It was founded by William the Conqueror in the eleventh century and is now the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world.

Why go? To immerse yourself in royal history and be dazzled by the lavishly gilded interiors. Don’t miss Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House, a miniature replica of a 1920s mansion complete with electricity and running water.

Legoland Windsor

What is it? A kids’ theme park with attractions based around those ubiquitous knobbly plastic bricks. You’ll find rides, games and plenty of opportunities for budding master builders to get stuck in.

Why go? Because everything is awesome! There’s a zone for whatever the kids are into – knights, pirates, Star Wars and so much more – and grown-ups will be blown away by the intricate Lego creations on display everywhere. Make a weekend of it with a stay at one of two Lego-themed hotels on site.

Bel & The Dragon

British restaurant with a view of the castle. If you’re going to visit one of the most English towns in England, you may as well eat like a native.

Why go? To take afternoon tea on the terrace, start your Saturday with a bottomless brunch or hunker down for a Sunday roast – duck fat potatoes and Yorkshire puds come as standard.

Windsor & Eton Brewery

Whis it? An independent brewery set up in 2010 by four friends who want to make beer Windsor’s top attraction. They’re certainly going about it the right way, with more than 20 local pubs now selling their booze.

Why go? For a chance to taste signature beers, like Guardsman, Conqueror and Harry & Meghan’s Windsor Knot, and find out how they’re made on a lively tour of the brewery. The venue also hosts music, comedy and street food events.

Windsor Great Park

Whis it? A sprawling, 4,800-acre green space with many royal connections – The Long Walk, a three-mile-long, tree-lined thoroughfare, stretches from the Copper Horse statue of George III in the park all the way to Windsor Castle.

Why go? To hang out with the people-friendly red deer that roam the park – they like having their photo taken, apparently. Other top spots are the shimmering waterfall at Virginia Water and The Savill Garden which is full of beautiful rare plants.

Test Kitchen

What is it? Windsor’s first gourmet food truck that regularly parks up at Windsor & Eton BreweryLoading Bay Café and anywhere else that books it. Milly and John, the duo behind this enterprise, also run a supper club out of their dining room.

Why go? To sample dishes like gin-cured salmon, Korean pork belly melt and tempura brussels sprouts made from locally sourced seasonal ingredients and served in compostable sugarcane containers. They also cook up a killer breakfast.


What is itWindsor’s twin town across the Thames that is dominated by Eton College, the boys’ school for toffs where lots of tories – and a bunch of British actors – were educated.

Why go? To browse the antiques shops and art galleries that line Eton’s historic high street; to feel like you’ve stepped back in time as you see schoolboys in tailcoats walking through town; and, if you’re there on a Sunday afternoon, to visit the College’s three fascinating museums.

Loading Bay Café

What is it? A friendly community café at the studio of 4Motion Dance Theatre, a professional dance company that also offers movement, fitness and wellbeing classes. The café is only open at weekends and Mondays unless there’s an event on, so check before you trek.

Why go? For great coffee, chilled vibes and an antidote to the touristy pit stops that populate much of Windsor. Plus there’s an eclectic programme of events that encompasses daytime and evening clubbing, live music and a monthly street food market.

Thames Hospice Vintage & Retro

What is is it? No ordinary charity shop, this newly refitted boutique only sells vintage goods – fashion, accessories, homeware and memorabilia – donated by local people, with profits going towards funding a hospice in Windsor.

Why go? To play dress-up with a rail of retro clothes or lose yourself rummaging through a treasure trove of one-of-a-kind items. The award-winning staff know their stuff and are happy to help you find that elusive gem, either on site or in the charity’s eBay shop.

Enjoy your ride with Luxury Cars Executive!


About Luxury Executive Cars

About Luxury Executive Cars

The mission of Luxury Executive Cars is to provide the very best service in Windsor for passengers and to do this with the utmost regard to each customer. We strive for perfection and in doing so accomplish excellence in quality service and customer care. How do we achieve this? First and foremost by considering every rider as part of our family, and secondly by providing safe and very clean vehicles, and lastly by providing respectful well trained and courteous drivers.


We believe our customers choose our cab service based on the following criteria:

Performance: We work with one goal in mind: to get customers where they want to go, when they want to go, promptly, efficiently, comfortably, and safely.

Superior Service: Timely pick up, private usage, and customer care.

Quality: This involves providing courteous service in clean, well-maintained cars.

Convenience: This involves the credit/debit card feature.

Our cabs, owned and operated by independent medallion owners, is here to serve you with computer-aided dispatch and cashless transactions. We offer new and clean vehicles including hybrid cars utilizing the latest technology and the safest, most comfortable vehicles to provide passengers with the highest quality of service.



“A licensed and courteous driver to you at all times.

Clean, comfortable and safe taxis

Cab Drivers will only take the shortest or the requested route.

A receipt should be provided upon request.

Your cab driver must follow all the traffic rules and regulations.

We believe that your safe and timely transportation is our only priority and we appreciate you allowing us to serve you.”