windsor professional chaufeur provides taxi transport to drive you around Windsor, Luxury Executive Cars are the best and the cheapest option!

Windsor is an incredible city, and you deserve an incredible chauffeur to help you navigate through it. When you book a chauffeur you can count on having someone who isn’t just an amazing professional driver, but also a local expert, your concierge on the road, and much more. That’s how you know it’s a Windsor Chauffeur  — when they go the extra mile to make every journey great. A real Windsor Chauffeur says: “The way that I look at it is, it doesn’t matter if it’s a VIP or if its someone booking a ride for their 16-year-old daughter or 70-year-old grandmother, I am going to treat everybody the same, they are all going to get the best service I can give them, flat-out, hands-down.”

Hire a personal chauffeur by the hour to drive you around Windsor in а full comfort. Make as many stops as you need and return home safely at the end of the night.

If you’ve already driven somewhere Windsor and need to be picked up, request pickup service by web or phone. A team of drivers will come get both you and your car.

If you’re hosting an event or party in Windsor, request teams of drivers to get your guests and their cars home safely.

Luxury Executive Cars offer professional chauffeur service in Windsor

When you require professional chauffeur service in Windsor, make your first call to Luxury Executive Cars. We operate a fleet of recent model year vehicles, employ the best chauffeurs in the city, and display an unwavering commitment to customer service. Our valued clients count on us to get them to their destination on time, conveniently, and without any hassles. Learn what sets us apart from other Windsor car services, and call on us if you are ever in need of a ride.

Trarned and experienced chauffeurs

The quality of a chauffeur has a direct impact on the quality of your travel. That is why we only work with trained and experienced drivers that meet our standards for consistency and safety. Each one of our drivers has at least five years experience providing chauffeur service in Windsor or another metropolitan area. They undergo drug and background screenings and are subjected to a thorough vetting process.

Once they are hired on, they arrive at each client’s pickup location wearing a pressed black suit and prepared to meet any requirement or demand that presents itself. If you need impeccable chauffeur service in Windsor, count on our drivers to provide it without fail.

The right vehicle for the job

The reason that so many people rely on Luxury Executive Cars for everything from corporate travel to event shuttling is we have a vehicle to meet every need. If you need chauffeur service in Windsor, we have a fleet of Saloon Car, Executive Car, Estate Car and MPV to get you wherever you need to go.

Each one of our vehicles is from a recent model year, is carefully cleaned and maintained, and is piloted by one of our exceptional drivers. That makes it easy to get the chauffeur service in Windsor that you’re looking for.

Choose to partner with Luxury Executive Cars

Some of the area’s top companies and best-known executives come to us to provide private car service in Windsor because they know they can rely on us to get all the details right. If you need a single ride, a car and driver for the day, or a regular pickup and drop off, Luxury Executive Cars are prepared to serve your needs, contact us at anytime when you need chauffeur service in Windsor.

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